Tekno RC Traktion Drive/Elektri-Clutch System


The Traktion Drive is here! Finally, a cost effective, compact and lightweight slipper system that provides instant power while protecting your drivetrain and improving traction. Tekno took the revolutionary Electri-Clutch system and expanded it into the most flexible power delivery option available for 1/8th scale electric vehicles. Now Tekno RC has EVERYONE covered!

If you want direct drive and motor brakes - CHECK! If you want clutch and mechanical brakes - CHECK! If you want direct drive and mechanical brakes - CHECK! All this with better traction and drivetrain protection. Here's how it works - the Elektri-Clutch system works similar to a traditional nitro clutch where the springs 'PULL' the shoes to the center.

The Traktion Drive employs a new clutch shoe design coupled with a different spring design to 'PUSH' the shoes into the clutch bell, so it's engaged at 0 RPM! This equals 0 lag! Slip amount is adjusted by the thickness of the springs. Use lighter springs (0.8mm, 0.9mm) for better traction on loose tracks. Use thicker springs (1.0mm, 1.1mm) for higher grip tracks.


  • Instant power, zero lag
  • Improves traction in all conditions (indoor/outdoor)
  • Allows the use of motor brakes or mechanical brakes
  • Lowers temps on motor and ESC
  • Protects your drivetrain under acceleration AND braking
  • Allows reverse
  • Adjustable (different springs provide different slip settings)
  • Inexpensive (doesn't cost as much as a whole conversion kit)
  • Super long wear 7075 clutch shoes (we're talking months and months)


  • (1) 1/8th clutch adapter
  • (1) M3x8mm button head screw
  • (1) M4x4mm set screw
  • (1) M3 washer
  • (5) 5x7x.2mm shims
  • (3) aluminum clutch shoes
  • (3) 0.7mm Elektri-Clutch springs
  • (3) 0.8mm Traktion Drive springs
  • (3) 0.9mm Traktion Drive springs
  • (3) 1.0mm Traktion Drive springs
  • (3) 1.1mm Traktion Drive springs
NOTE: The 0.8 and 0.9mm Elektri-Clutch springs are no longer included in this pack.

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