10Droid 2.4" 4WD 1/10 Front Buggy Tires (2) (MRG - Premount)


**Tire comes mounted and pre-glued white closed cell insert on White or Yellow AE off-set wheel **
MRG Premount Includes 2 wheels - Clean, punch necessary holes for venting, mount and glue 1/10 scale tires.
$6.50 per pair (2)


The Sweep Racing 10Droid buggy tire features a bar pattern designed to deliver maximum forward bite on hard packed clay tracks, while droids control the side bite. Combined, the 10droid has optimum traction and a long life span. Available in different rubber compounds to suit any track conditions.


  • 2.4" inner diameter, fits on any brands wheels
  • Sweep tires and wheels are precision made, and near perfectly balanced
  • True spinning, even wear
  • Also runs on 2WD front as "Wide front" in some tracks


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