Tekno RC NB48 2.0 Adjustable Ackerman Spindles & Bearing Spacers


The Tekno RC NB48 2.0 Adjustable Ackerman Spindles and Bearing Spacers, are a great option designed to help you improve the ride quality of your buggy or truggy. Designed to work with the Tekno RC NB48 2.0, EB48 2.0 or ET48 2.0, allowing for adjustable Ackerman by using different length spindle arms. When these spindles are combined with an optional longer camber link length, front-end stability is improved while boosting overall responsiveness. Then by selecting different spindle arms, you can fine tune the corner entry, middle, or exit aggressiveness to your liking.

  • It is recommend to start with TKR9047A arms as are the same Ackerman length as the original TKR9041 spindles.
  • Due to the reduced incline angle, the camber and steering links will need to be adjusted.
Setup Notes: 
With these spindles, you can use the optional spindle arms listed below to further adjust the steering Ackermann. 
TKR9047A is recommended for lower grip, open tracks, and has more initial low-speed steering with less middle and exit steering. TKR9047B is recommended for medium grip, mid-size tracks, and has a more balanced entry, middle and exit steering. TKR9047C is recommended for high grip, tight tracks, and has less initial steering with more middle and exit steering. 

Needed to Complete: 

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