Tekno RC BLOK 21bM .21 Oil Bath Broken-In Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine (Turbo Plug)


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The Tekno BLOK 21bM .21 Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine provides a smooth, linear power band and excellent fuel mileage necessary for the highest levels of competition buggy racing, and is a great choice for truggies as well. The bottom-end starts out incredibly smooth, then pulls through the mid and high end to give you the extra grunt to hit that short take-off and additional acceleration for the straightaway. Features include a long-stroke piston and sleeve design, DLC coated silicone-filled crankshaft, laser-etched low profile cooling head, blue 6.0 and 6.5mm venturi, plus all components are interchangeable with the popular 21aP. It comes paired with the 21J carburetor which is widely regarded to be the gold standard due to its tunability and consistency over wide-ranging temperatures and humidity.

All Blok Engines Are Oil Bath Broken-in
The same oil bath break-in process previously only available to the Tekno team is now available to you! Tekno uses a proprietary automated process to ensure each engine is broken-in properly. All engines go through a series of carefully controlled time intervals where the speed and temperature are precisely adjusted. When you receive the engine, you only need to do a few heat cycles on the box, run a tank on the ground, and it’s ready for the track! 

Displacement: 3.49 cc/ 0.213 cu.in
Bore: 16.27 mm / 0.641 in
Stroke: 16.8 mm / 0.661 in
Output: 2.55 ps / 2.59 hp @33,000 r.p.m
Practical R.P.M: 4,000~40,000 r.p.m
Weight: 362 g / 12.77 oz.
Recommended Exhaust Pipe: OS 2090
Recommended Glow Plug: OS P3

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