Tekno RC BLOK 21bM .21 Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine (Turbo Plug)


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The Tekno RC BLOK 21bM .21 Off-Road Nitro Buggy Engine has been manufactured with precision in mind. While this engine was designed for buggy use it will also work in RC truggy applications. Providing a linear power band and exceptional fuel mileage. The bottom end power is incredibly smooth that builds through the mid and top end to provide better acceleration. Featuring a long-stroke piston, DLC coated crankshaft, three needle carburetor and an effective cooling head. This engine comes with a 6.0mm and 6.5mm venturis for different tuning methods. Package includes one nitro engine and two venturis.

NOTE: This engine is not broken in and will require a full break-in procedure.

  • Exhaust: O.S. 2090
  • Glow Plug: O.S. P3

    Displacement: 0.213cu.in (3.49 cc)
    Bore: 0.641in (16.27mm)
    Stroke: 0.661in (16.8mm)
    Output: 2.59hp (2.55ps) @ 33,000 r.p.m
    Practical R.P.M: 4,000-40,000 r.p.m
    Weight: 12.77oz (362g)

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