Team Associated RC8B3.2/T3.2 Factory Team HD Gearbox


The Team Associated Factory Team HD Gearbox is an excellent upgrade for the RC8B3.2 and T3.2 models, as well as the rest of the RC8B3 and RC8T3 family. The stiffer HD high-temp polymer material gearbox creates an improved bearing fit and durability, with a more consistent gear mesh over the course of long runs. Package includes one complete gearbox that can be used in the front or rear position.

NOTE: Differential and suspension arm shimming: 
  • The diff will need to be adjusted from the stock ASC81015 gearbox. Recommended to start with one thin (0.1mm, the thinnest available) on each side.
  • To fine tune the suspension arm shimming on the inner hinge pin, use 0.9 or 1.0 caster adjustment shims from the ASC81446 RC8B3.2 Shim Set, and you can trim off the pull-tab for ground clearance.

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