Revolution Design B6.3/T6.2/SC6.2 Slipper Eliminator Set


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The RDRP B6.3/T6.2/SC6.2 Slipper Eliminator Set is an ideal option for stock class racers looking to reduce rotating mass. The spur gear hub is made from black anodized aluminum with silver detailing to match the popular style of many aftermarket parts. As it is fully compatible with the kit top shaft and a variety of spur gears including RDRP's lightweight Ultra Spur Gear series (RDRP0510) and Team Associated ASC3922, 3923, 6693, 6695, converting your 6.x series Team Associated vehicle to direct drive has never been so easy. For your convenience, the set includes spur gear mounting hardware, slipper bolt, and nut.

  • Reduces rotating mass
  • Uses the kit top shaft for easy conversion and spare parts management
  • High-grade black-anodised aluminium
  • Machined silver edge details
  • Direct fit for all Team Associated 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 series cars and trucks

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