ProTek RC Samurai S03 & R03 LCG Cooling Head


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The ProTek R/C Samurai S03 & R03 LCG Cooling Head is a great option for the Samurai S03 and R03 engines. This cooling head blends horizontal and vertical fins to create a Low CG option that weighs less and sits lower than the stock head. Weighing in at 70 grams, this head is approximately 10 grams lighter than the stock head. But more importantly, it holds the weight much lower than the stock cooling head! This head sits approximately 17mm from the top of the case, holding the weight approximately 12mm lower than stock, creating a more streamlined and low center of gravity design.


  • Low CG option for Samurai S03 and R03 engines
  • Weighs just 70 grams - 10 grams lighter than stock
  • When installed, sits 17mm from the top of the case
  • Overall installed height is 12mm lower than the stock head

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