ProTek RC Receiver Balance Charge Lead (2S to 4mm Banana w/6S Adapter)


This is a ProTek R/C Balance Charge Lead with a 2S Balance Harness to 4mm Banana Plugs with 6S Balance Adapter. This incredibly handy charge lead was developed to provide users with the option of balance charging smaller 2S receiver batteries directly through the balance connector. This eliminates the need to remove the pack from your model, or charge through a switch!

Simply plug the banana plugs into your charger, plug the balance connector into a 6S balance socket, and plug the receiver pack into the female 2S XH plug, and you can charge your receiver packs in the field more conveniently that ever before. Simple, useful, and only from ProTek R/C.

NOTE: We do not recommend that you use this charge lead as the sole method of charging your receiver packs. This was developed as a way to simplify charging your batteries in the field. We recommend that you remove the battery from the model at the end of each day and inspect for damage.



ProTek R/C 2S/6S Balance Charge Lead - PTK-5320
Input Connectors 4mm Male Banana & 6S XH 
Output Connector 2S XH
Max Charge Rate 3 Amps
Wire Length 33"
Intended Use 2S receiver
Charger Input Wire Gauge 14awg
Balance Input Wire Gauge
Charger Output Wire Gauge
Balance Output Wire Gauge

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