ProTek RC 2100 Tuned Exhaust Pipe w/85mm Manifold (Welded Nipple) (EFRA2155)


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This is the ProTek R/C 2100, EFRA 2155 Tuned Pipe, with an included extra long 85mm Manifold. This package also includes two long manifold springs, three short pipe springs and two manifold gaskets.

The ProTek R/C 2100 is a finely-crafted competitive .21 off-road tuned pipe that features a mirror like chrome finish and high strength welded nipple. Designed to perform between the PTK-2090 and PTK-2060 exhaust pipes. The 2100 will provide great torque for those hard to clear jumps, and heavy truggies.  

2100SC Tuned Pipe Features:

  • Included 85mm manifold
  • Mirror chrome like finish
  • Durable high-strength welded nipple
  • Narrow, long body design
  • Maximum low-end performance
  • EFRA Approved (EFRA2155)


  • (1) 2100 Tuned Pipe
  • (1) 85mm Manifold
  • (3) Manifold Exhaust Springs
  • (2) Tuned Pipe Exhaust Springs
  • (2) High Temp Manifold Gaskets
  • (1) Set Screw

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