JConcepts Electronic Power Module Digital Switch


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The JConcepts Electronic Power Module Digital Switch offers convenience and reliability to your Nitro or Gasoline powered vehicles. Featuring programmable Lipo or NiMh modes this gives you an accurate battery status using the integrated battery capacity indicator. The wires neatly flow from this unit to the receiver and battery boxes using industry standard plug types. The power module has locations for screws which align with many popular vehicles on the market so mounting of the module is neat, handy, and secure.

NOTE: Electronic switching devices plugged in for an extended period will drain the battery source on any vehicle. Always disconnect the item when not in use.

  • Durable, injection molded case
  • LED lights for mode and battery capacity
  • Handy and raised on and off button
  • Clean wiring with industry standard plugs
  • Built-in locations to attach to item to popular vehicles

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