JConcepts 12mm V2 Big Bore Shock O-Ring Kit (12)


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The JConcepts 12mm V2 Big Bore Shock O-Ring Kit for 12mm Team Associated shocks is a great optional upgrade when stock just isn't good enough. The larger (14mm) replacement shock o-rings are designed to fit to the shock cap for sealing the top of the shock body. The same (14mm) o-ring fits inside the shock adjustment collar and a smaller (8.5mm) version fits the lower shock cap which seals the bottom of the shock body.

The o-rings are blue for easy identification and are made from a medium/soft material for the ultimate in sealing and mating characteristics. The items are compatible with Team Associated 12mm stock kit components as well as the JConcepts hop-up items made to replace the same items.

  • Medium/soft material for sealing and mating
  • Blue in color for identification
  • Compatible with AE and JConcepts shock parts
  • Includes the o-rings needed for four shocks

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