Exotek Twister Pro Belted Drag Tire & Wheel Set (2)


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Exotek Twister Pro Drag Tires and Wheels with Inflatable Air Valves


The Exotek Twister Pro Belted Drag Tire and Wheel Set is the ultimate option for tuning your drag chassis. These tires are made from premium rubber chemistry for maximum softness, providing excellent grip on all surfaces. When grip might be an issue tune your tires using an optional ball inflator (sold separately). Wider tire tread with specially designed sidewalls are used to improve sidewall flex and allow for more volume inside the tire. The belting in the tire aids in grip and is best suited for racing at the highest level. Start making A to B passes with the Exotek Twister Pro Drag Tires.

  • Requires CA Tire Glue and a standard ball inflator.
  • Do not 'scuff' tires when applying 'tire prep'. Simply clean tires with simple green or tire cleaners. Scuffing Twister tires might prematurely wear out the tires.
  • These tires will not fit other brand wheels
  • Do not over inflate or under inflate these tires
  • Do not rev the tires when off the ground or the belts may rip
  • Do not burn out the tires for more than 3 seconds
  • Belted tires made from premium rubber
  • Provides excellent grip on all surfaces
  • Tires can be air filled using included air valves
  • Specially designed sidewalls allow for equal flex between both tires for consistent traction

Width: 52mm
Outer Tire Diameter: 102mm
Outer Wheel Diameter: 68mm
Inner Wheel Diameter: 59mm


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