Exotek Tekno EB410 Aluminum Steering Bell Cranks


Exotek Tekno EB410 Aluminum Steering Bell Cranks are a precision machined, heavy duty 7075 aluminum steering crank upgrade for the EB410. The reinforced design eliminates the problem of the hex bearing posts stripping in the plastic cranks allowing for easier maintenance and disassembly. Includes steel bearing posts that will not mushroom when assembled which also makes for easier bearing removal. This will give your EB410 a smooth factory racing look thanks to the polished surfaces and special glossy navy blue anodizing. Plus, it is compatible with both the stock steering rack and the Exotek steering rack!

NOTE: Using the stock plastic servo horn is optional if you wish to protect lower torque servos from steering stress because the plastic servo horn flexes which helps absorb hard race impacts.


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