Yokomo YZ-2 CAL3.1 Edition 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit (Carpet & Astro)


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The Yokomo YZ-2 CAL3.1 Edition 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit is a great choice for those racing on Carpet or Astro Turf. Building off the ever popular YZ-2 platform, the CAL3.1 continues to evolve to the needs of racers of today. Featuring a longer chassis, front steel suspension mount, integrated bulkhead, updated kingpin position and much more to give racer a chassis that is very well balanced. Other features include a quick access differential for easy maintenance and five rear shock mounting locations for extreme fine tuning. Get ready to hit the track with the Yokomo YZ-2 CAL3.1.

NOTE: Finished kit shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model.

CAL3.1 Updates:
  • Longer chassis for higher speeds on carpet
  • Steel front suspension mount
  • Optional 1mm higher front and front-rear suspension mount.
  • Bulkhead is now integrated with the side plates for increased rigidity
  • Changed kingpin position with updated steering hubs
  • Axle position has been lengthened by 1mm
  • Battery holder is easily adjusted to the height of the battery
  • Improved traction by increasing flex around the rear of the chassis
Needed To Complete:
  • 2-Channel radio system
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Motor
  • Steering servo
  • Battery pack
  • Compatible battery charger
  • Tires & tire glue
  • Polycarbonate paint for body

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