XeRun XR10 PRO Stock Spec V4 Sensored ESC (2S)


XeRun XR10 PRO Stock Spec V4 Sensored ESC

The Black Edition XR10 Stock Spec ESC features a smaller footprint and lighter weight than the older XERUN Stock Spec. It is designed for Stock (Non-Timing) racing with motors down to 13.5T in Off-Road applications and 10.5T motors in On-Road applications.

It is designed for 2S use, but can operate with 3S power with the use of a high voltage fan.


  • Zero timing firmware for ROAR SPORTMAN or Non Timing Races
  • World's Smallest footprint
  • Programming/Upgrading/ Data Reading Wirelessly with WiFi Programmer
  • Adjustable Throttle & Brake PWM Frequencies:
  • Super Internal BEC.

  • Specifications:
    Current: Continuous: 80A / Burst: 380A
    Battery: 5-7 cells NiMH/NiCd / 2S LiPo
    Built-in BEC: 6V@3A (switch mode)
    Motor Supported: Sensored and sensorless brushless motors
    Suitable Motor: 3650 Motors,1/10 Touring Cars ≥10.5T, 1/10 Buggy≥13.5T
    Application: STOCK class of 1/10th Touring Car & Buggy Racing
    Cooling Fan: 5V - 7.4V (20x20x8mm)
    Wires: 14AWG-200mm
    Size: 31.5x25.6x16.1mm
    Weight: 28g (without wires and  cooling fan)

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