Sweep 8th Truggy Defender #514 - Premount (4)


All new Ver2 Sweep Truggy tires for all the modern Truggy racing!
The Defender-T have proven pattern design to works best on med-hard packed surface with light dust on top.

Available in regular compounds (G,Y,S,B,R and W) also long life compounds (YX,SX,BX,RX)
Compound comparisons

Sweep Gold = JC Black
Sweep Yellow = JC Green
Sweep Silver = JC Blue
Sweep Blue = JC Aqua
Sweep BlueX = JC Aqua2
Sweep RedX = JC R2
  • White dot: Medium compounds for sizzling weather.
  • Red dot:Soft compound for Hot weather
  • Blue dot: Extra Soft compound for Hot to cool weather
  • Silver dot: Ultra soft compound for Cool to Cold weather
  • Yellow dot: Extreme soft compound for MAXIMUM Traction
  • Gold dot: Super Extreme soft compound for Insane Traction

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