Sweep 8th Buggy WHIPS #316 - Premount


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New 1/8th buggy tire, WHIPS.

The tire uses the new V6 carcass that is of an updated design with a rounder contact surface and sidewall, making it easier to drive in bumpy track conditions. The mid-sized square pins ensure exceptional traction in low grip or slippery track conditions with great forward and site bite.

  • Our tires and wheels are known for precision made for near perfect balanced, in results it spins true, wear evenly bring you most traction.
  •     Comes 4 Tires per a set with selected options in a zip-lock bag.
  •     Our 8th scale pre-glued tire sets are pre-punctured with 2 sets of 3mm holes

**PRE-MOUNTS come with 8th buggy insert. : Cloud9 Closed cells V4 #42305 and Dish V5 in White or Yellow
Compound comparisons

Sweep Gold = M5 Proline (if it existed)
Sweep Yellow = M4 Proline
Sweep YellowX = X4 Proline or S4
Sweep Silver = M3 Proline
Sweep SilverX = X3 Proline or S3
Sweep Blue = M2 Proline

Sweep Gold = Jcon Black
Sweep Yellow = Jcon Green
Sweep Silver = Jcon Blue

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