Sweep 8th Buggy PIXEL #313 - Premount


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?Pixel?. With a square pin tread design suited for demanding hard wearing tracks that require long lasting rubber.

Thanks for the High Definition Pixels, each square blocks will last lot longer than standard Low Resolution Pin style

The Pixel tyre also features Sweep?s bigger and wider V5 core design which reduces ballooning even further than our past cores, the V5 Core have a bigger footprint on track surfaces whilst also delivering a comfortable level of handling. Long life, high grip, makes great harmony for our new Long Life X compounds.

  • Our tires and wheels are known for precision made for near perfect balanced, in results it spins true, wear evenly bring you most traction.
  • Comes 4 Tires per a set with selected options in a zip-lock bag.
  • Our 8th scale pre-glued tire sets are pre-punctured with 2 sets of 3mm holes

**PRE-MOUNTS come with 8th buggy insert. : Cloud9 Closed cells V4 #42305 and Dish V5 in White or Yellow
Compound comparisons

  • Red dot:Soft compound for Hot weather
  • Blue dot: Extra Soft compound for Hot to cool weather
  • Silver dot: Ultra soft compound for Cool to Cold weather
  • Yellow dot: Extreme soft compound  for MAXIMUM Traction.
  • Gold Dot: Super Extreme Soft compound for Hook &Loop feels Traction

Sweep Gold = M5 Proline (if it existed)
Sweep Yellow = M4 Proline
Sweep YellowX = X4 Proline or S4
Sweep Silver = M3 Proline
Sweep SilverX = X3 Proline or S3
Sweep Blue = M2 Proline

Sweep Gold = Jcon Black
Sweep Yellow = Jcon Green
Sweep Silver = Jcon Blue

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