Revolution Design Ultra Shock Stand TC (Black)


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The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Shock Stand TC is a handy tool that helps keep your shock parts better sorted during building, rebuilding and setup of your precious touring car shock absorbers.

Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum the stand is usable with both standard and big bore shocks and it keeps them in a perfectly upright position, allowing to easily and conveniently fill them with shock fluid and they are also perfectly stored when you wait for those nasty shock oil bubbles to disappear. On top of this, small compartments under each shock hold small parts – just in case you opt for different front and rear shock setups. Laser-etched markings also help with shock identification so you never end up with a left front shock mounted to the right rear end corner! The stand is machined from RDRP's renown high-quality aluminum material and it comes in the five different colors of "Tamiya" light blue, "Yokomo" dark blue, black, orange and red and it features silvered chamfered edges as well as laser-etched logos and markings to make it stand out from the crowd.

Part # RDRP0222-BLK

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