Raceform Lazer 1/10 Short Course Truck Tire Gluing Jig w/1/8 Buggy Conversion (Limited Edition)


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  • Lazer Jig for gluing of 1/10 Short Course Truck Wheels
  • Clincher Roller designed to "peel" tire beads just like finger action
  • Adjustable Point of Rotation designed for both SCT inside and outside wheel design
  • Anti-tighten Inside Wheel Knob Set keeps the wheel flat to the disc during inner-side gluing. New design with bearing allows the knob set to rotate with the wheels while gluing.
  • Ultra simple operation with 2 lever position (open and close)
  • Anti-slip foam underside
  • Precisely Machined from Plexiglas¬†
  • Perfect and consistent gluing
  • Specifically Designed for 1/10 SCT Wheels and Tires
Conversion for 1/8th Buggy Wheels & Tires:
  • Convert the SCT Lazer Jig for 1/8 Buggy Wheels and Tires
  • Able to glue 2 different classes of wheels in one Jig

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