Novarossi PLUS.21-4BTT-WC/A Tuned Certified Pre-Run .21 Engine (Turbo) (Steel)


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This is the Novarossi PLUS.21-4BTT-WC/A Tuned Certified Pre-Run 4-Port .21 Off-Road Nitro Engine, with Steel Bearings. This Turbo Plug engine is what Robert Batlle used to win the IFMAR 2012 World Championship. 

Novarossi Certified Pre-Run Engines
Novarossi Certified Pre-Run engines are brand new engines that have been fired-up and run by a trained Novarossi factory professional. The engines are bench run for a period of time to assist in the break-in process, as well as to check for any mechanical flaws or running issues. Once finished, each engine receives a new glow plug and engine data (such as RPM) are recorded and documented on the included certificate. Note: Although the engines are pre-run, they are not ready for a race tune. It is recommended to run 3-4 tanks through your pre-run engine before leaning it out for a race tune.


  • IFMAR World Champion: IFMAR 2012 World Champion Engine in Argentina with Robert Batlle and Europen Champion in Austria with Darren Bloomfield.          
  • Sleeve: The sleeve has 4 transfer ports providing the best compromise between linear power and minimal fuel consumption.           
  • Crankshaft: This "Tuned" engine features a modified crankshaft to further improve the power output and driveability.          
  • Cooling Head: This a 'Lighter & Lower evolution 2' type of cooling head. It is drilled and milled out to reduce the mass of the cooling head which sits high up in the car and thereby lowering the Center of Gravity of the engine/car.
  • Conrod: The R7 conrod is made from a super-light aluminum which has been checked ultrasonically. The specific form of the R7 creates little turbulence inside the engine while running.        
  • Backplate: The rear cover presents a round shape to optimize the filling and reducing the dead spaces. The steel plate is to reduce friction and to expand the lifespan of the conrod.          
  • Gasket: The inner shape of the gasket has an updated shape, and with that more material, making them more resistant to high temperatures.
  • Carburetor: The carburetor of this engine is made from plastic and in "reverse" style with a sliding throttle valve.

Recommended Tuned Pipes: 51006M, 51016, 51020M
Recommended Tuned Manifolds: 41021, 41029, 41030

3.49 cc
R.P.M. (max power):
35.500 RPM
Practical range:
6.000-38.000 R.P.M.
Bore x stroke:
16.26x16.80 mm
4 ports
Rear ball bearings:
Front ball bearings:
14 mm - turbo - tuned
plastic - 9 mm - reverse
Turbo (C6TGC)
Exhaust position: rear
Weight: 360g
Fuel type:
25% nitro

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