LRP Z.21R Spec.4 .21 3+1-Port Nitro Engine w/Pull-Start


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The LRP Z.21R Spec.4 .21 Pull-Start Nitro Engine is performance-optimised for an unequalled power delivery. This is the perfect entry into the LRP Nitro engine world, and is a great option as a replacement for existing .21 RTR engines. The Z.21R Spec.4 features a special timing for even more power compared to its forerunner, while remaining easy to setup and tune.

  • Perfect upgrade for existing .21 RTR type engines
  • Great Value
  • XTEC PowerCarb3 15S-2 carburetor - Flow optimized carburetor with 9.0mm insert for maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time
  • Universal fit - Fits all major .21 engine mounts
  • 3 + 1 Ports
  • Standard plug head button - Guarantees easy adjustment of the engine in all conditions
  • XTEC T6 engine housing - Especially reinforced heavy duty engine housing for toughest offroad action
  • Power Start capable - Prepared for the use of the optional LRP Power Start (not included) for starting the engine at the push of one button
Cubic capacity:
.21 (3.49 ccm)
Bore: 16.40mm
Stroke: 16.40mm
Power: 2.15 HP (may vary depending on used fuel, muffler and tuning)
RPM: 35,300 RPM (may vary depending on used fuel, muffler and tuning)
Number of ports: 3 + 1
Glow Plug: LRP Standard R5 (No. 35051)
Carburetor: XTEC PowerCarb2 15S-2 with 9.0mm venturi
Weight: 410g
Class: 1/8th Offroad Buggys

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