JConcepts MBX8T F2 Carbon Fiber Truggy Body Mount Adaptor


The JConcepts MBX8T F2 Carbon Fiber Truggy Body Mount Adaptor simplifies the process of adding the JConcepts F2 body to the Mugen MBX8T platform.
To mount the F2 body, a carbon fiber adaptor is needed along with the Mugen MUGE2148 body mounts or ASC81323 to place the front of the body in correct position. This model specific adaptor bolts directly to the stock tower and once the body mount is added (not included), provides a custom fit and beautiful finish.

Assembly notes
To begin, install or mock-up the Mugen body mount (MUGE2148 or ASC81323 - not included) into the center position on the carbon fiber adaptor by using included hardware. Tighten the screw while allowing the mount to “notch” in to place to give the mount a vertical and stationary position. In some cases, depending on vehicle, the body mount may need to be completely installed to the adaptor first, due to hidden or closed-off screw locations. Once the mount is positioned, attach the carbon fiber adaptor to the shock tower using 3mm hardware and secure in to place with 3mm lock nuts.

Once the carbon fiber adaptor is attached to the shock tower, review the instructions on body trimlines to accommodate the vehicle of choice. It is important to follow along to position body mount holes, perimeter cutlines and possible engine head cut-out and fuel tank openings to the appropriate vehicle. Once the carbon adaptor is in position and body is trimmed for the vehicle, the painting and detailing process can be completed in traditional fashion. 

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