JConcepts Chasers 1/5 Scale Off-Road Truck Tires (2) (No Foam) (Yellow)


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This is a pack of two JConcepts Chasers 1/5 Scale Off-Road Truck Tires, in Yellow compound. The 1/5th Chasers rely on hefty, medium lugs which are angular in multiple directions. The horizontal type tread has a striking similarity to the trusty 1/8th buggy Crossbow tire which has remained a favorite for many years. Chasers have a squatty, close lug arrangement which gives incredible responsiveness and bite in all conditions. The wet and dry condition tire has small recessed cuts in the top of the tread for extra edges and increased formability over terrain. The center overlapping bar treatment increases durability in the highest wear region of the tire.

The outer sidewall has added tread at the top which provides extra reinforcement for those tough outdoor conditions. The outer V-lug also provides some paddle traction in loose sand or muddy conditions giving the Chasers ultimate versatility. The inner carcass has extensive ribbing in a hatch pattern increasing the durability in the center of the carcass while also limiting high-speed tire expansion. The inner sidewalls have been reinforced with vertical ribbing arranged in a circular pattern which gives more support during hard cornering.   

To make them interchangeable, the tire beads and inner carcass have been designed to use the stock Losi 5ive insert and fit directly to the already established bead-lock wheel. The inner tabs built into the carcass interlock with the Losi bead-lock style wheels for security. JConcepts sidewall lettering stands out perfectly indicating the directional nature of the 1/5th tires with styling and name icons embossed.   

Recently, Matt Olson utilized the Chasers tire in yellow compound at The Dirt Nitro Challenge and at events throughout Southern California with smashing success. All new tires have been rigorously tested for performance and durability by experienced drivers. The Chasers have the championship DNA tread and compound combination that racers have been waiting for from JConcepts.


  • JConcepts original tread, grippy yellow compound
  • Hefty, horizontal and low-profile tread, close arrangement
  • Recessed pins provide extra dig edges
  • Sidewall tread for increased paddle traction
  • Bead and carcass sized for compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
  • Use with Losi 5IVE-T Wheels & Inserts

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