GRP Cubic Pre-Mounted 1/8 Buggy Tires (2)


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GRP Cubic Pre-Mounted 1/8 Buggy Tires feature small cubic pins that create good traction and minimal side bite. These are well suited to both hard packed blue groove tracks, as well as wet surfaces where too much side bite can lead to traction rolling. Available in multiple compounds recommended for specific temperatures and conditions, these are a great multi-purpose tire option to keep on hand. 

GRP 1/8 Buggy Wheels feature design optimized for maximum grip, stability and durability - even in high temperature conditions. A textured glue channel creates a strong bond between the tire and wheel, and are available in yellow or white color options for maximum visibility in any track condition.

  • Tire:
    • CUBIC profile with VERY SMALL CUBIC PINS
    • Good traction and maximum fluency, without too much lateral Grip
    • Compounds developed exclusively for RC applications
    • Internal cross-over structure for a homogeneous distribution of lateral and centrifugal forces
    • CNC machined closed cell foam insert remains balanced and durable throughout the life of the tire
  • Wheel:
    • Closed Wheel designed with flexible structure for maximum grip
    • Unique material offers maximum stability, even at very high temperatures
    • Textured glue channel provides improved glue bond between tire and wheel

Compound Applications:

  • Medium: For general conditions with HIGH TEMPERATURES, HARD and CLEAN tracks with HIGH GRIP, or WET and MUDDY tracks with MEDIUM GRIP
  • Soft: For general conditions with MEDIUM TEMPERATURES, HARD and CLEAN tracks with HIGH GRIP, or WET and MUDDY tracks with LOW GRIP
  • Extra Soft: For general conditions with LOW TEMPERATURES, HARD and CLEAN tracks with MEDIUM GRIP, or WET and MUDDY tracks with LOW GRIP


  • Tire:
    • Outside diameter: 113mm
    • Width: 43mm
  • Wheel:
    • Outside diameter: 82mm
    • Inside diameter: 78mm
    • Width: 43mm
  • (2) Pre-Mounted Tires 

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