FLETA M8 V2 Competition 1/8th Scale Brushless ESC 180A Black


This is the Muchmore Racing FLETA M8.2 180A 1/8 Brushless Sensored ESC. 

Flow-Max Optimized Cooling Design
FLOW-MAX heat sink designed after various tests. Construction from thermo-conductive aluminum makes the heat sink case highly efficient for maximum cooling.

Ultra High RPM Cooling Fan & Guard
Ultra high RPM cooling fan is low profile designed. Cooling increases the ESC efficiency and performance significantly. Guard protect cooling fan under any circumstances.

Reversible Switch System (RSS)
FLETA M8.2 ESC is adopted new generation Reversible Switch System (RSS). If you do not need ESC Power switch,  please remove switch connector. If it removes Power switch, ESC is always "On" condition.

Triple ESC Power Capacitor
Triple esc power capacitor is based on the latest Lipo technology and features lowest possible low impedance and even more power with linear throttle filling.

ME-SHRP FLETA Super High Response Program Card
Customize the settings, you can connect your ESC directly use setup and connect to your personal computer to the separately available ME-SHRP FLETA Super High Response ProgramCard (Sold separately).
The FLETA USB Link software can be downloaded from the Muchmore Racing website.  



  • Firmware Version (1-8 ESC M8 V2.3) is now installed.
  • The overload protection circuit system is updated.
  • High Voltage BEC Supported.
  • For more cooling, installed aluminum spacer between ESC and Fan, Fan guard.

LiPo/NiMH Cells: 2-6S LiPo, 6-Cell NiMH    
Current: Continuous : 180A / Burst : 860A
BEC: 6V/7.2V Program setup switchable Max 6A    
Resistance: 0.00024Ω
Motor Limit: 4S LiPo/ 12cell NiMH: 3000KV for 4274 size, 6S LiPo/ 18cell NiMH: 2400KV for 4274 size    
Motor Type: Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motor [Auto detect], support 2pole, 4pole, 6pole

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