1UP Racing Premium Shock X-Rings (8)


The 1UP Racing Premium Shock X-Rings are a great way to get incredibly smooth and long lasting shocks. Designed to work with 3mm shock shafts in a wide variety of surface applications. The 1UP X-Rings are made in Japan using the best molds and materials available to ensure performance with every set. Package includes eight shock X-rings

Installation Tips:
  • Allow X-Rings time to swell before installation or they may leak. Soak your X-Rings in the same or similar weight shock oil you will be running in the shocks.
  • For dual X-ring shocks, soak X-rings for 30min then dry and coat with 1UP Racing Blue O-Ring Grease (1UP120301).
  • For single X-ring shocks, soak X-rings for 24hrs then dry and coat with 1UP Racing Blue O-Ring Grease (1UP120301).

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